About Us

Creating Unity Through Fashion INSHALLAH!


Mission Statement

 Welcome to Inshallah Clothing Co., where we strive to create unity through fashion, inspired by the challenges that exist in our world and the experiences of people from all faiths and lands. Based in Brooklyn, New York, our mission is to establish a lifestyle brand that combines innovation, sophistication, and a touch of inner-city edge. At Inshallah Clothing Co., we are dedicated to crafting unique fashion pieces that are simple yet bold, easy to wear, and feature eye-catching colorways.

Our brand, Inshallah, emphasizes the importance of expressing one's true self at all times—a simple and undeniable truth that resonates with all individuals. Our primary focus is on uniting people from diverse lifestyles, cultures, and beliefs through the universal language of fashion.

Targeting a wide audience, Inshallah Clothing Co. welcomes anyone who acknowledges and embraces the belief of "inshallah." We aim to reach people of all races, ethnicities, lifestyles, and economic backgrounds who have a passion for fashion and share our vision of unity, inshallah.

But what does "Inshallah" mean? In Arabic, "Inshallah" signifies the hope for a future event to occur, acknowledging that its realization depends on the will of God. Translated into English, it can be understood as "God willing" or "If it is God's will."

Our company logo, "iA," is an abbreviation for Inshallah, which is widely used by young Muslims in America and around the world. It represents our connection to faith, culture, and the diverse individuals who inspire our brand.

At Inshallah Clothing Co., our mascot is the camel. The

camel holds a special place in our hearts and in the Qur'an, where Allah invites us to reflect on the creation of these remarkable creatures. While not always considered conventionally beautiful, camels serve as a perfect reflection of creatures designed to withstand and survive the harshest conditions while being of service to mankind. We encourage everyone to ponder upon this remarkable creation and apply its resilience and purpose to their own lives.

Inshallah Clothing Co. was founded by Lawrence "XL" Abdullah, a Muslim who grew up with friends from various faiths. Despite their religious differences, they discovered common ground in fashion, lifestyles, and understanding, which brought them together. XL intends to apply this principle of emphasizing shared values to unite individuals through fashion, inshallah.

To all of you, from all of us at Inshallah Clothing Co., we extend our heartfelt gratitude and wish you peace. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards creating unity through fashion, inshallah.

Lawrence "XL" Abdullah